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adoption lawyerAdoption is a legal process that transfers the rights and responsibilities from a biological parent to an adoptive parent. Adoption is a way in which parents are able to grow their family and give a child a healthy and loving environment to grow up in.

If you are considering adoption, you need to work with a Southern Minnesota adoption lawyer who knows the law and can make the adoption process move as smoothly as possible for you. At Birkholz Law, LLC, we know how important adopting a child is to you and we want to help you complete your family.

Choices For Adoptive Parents

Adoptive parents are faced with many choices. Those choices include:

  • Adopting at the local, interstate, or international level
  • Having the adoption facilitated by private placement or a licensed agency.
  • Adopting a related child
  • Taking advantage of government assistance or subsidies to individuals wishing to adopt, especially when the child is older or a special needs child
  • Open adoption where the birth parent and the adoptive parents know who each other are
  • Closed adoption where the birth parent and the adoptive parents do not know who each other are.
  • Adoption through gestational carrier, surrogacy, or IVF

Single individuals may also adopt due to the rules regarding traditional families lessening over the years. Adoptions may now be an option for same-sex, unmarried, and single individuals wishing to build a family. We also represent biological parents who also need guidance through the adoption process. The state of Minnesota does prohibit lawyers from matching adoptive parents with children, but legal guidance can be given so the process moves smoothly.

Complexities Of Adoption

Adoption is a complex process, which is why it pays off to utilize the services of a Mankato adoption lawyer.

There are regulations that adoptions must follow, as well as related proceedings. There are adoptions that may involve the Interstate Compact on the Placement of Children, the Indian Child Welfare Act, the Hague Convention, and others. There is the fact the birth parent has to terminate their parental rights, notice must be filed on the Minnesota Father’s Adoption Registry, and there may or may not be contact agreements between the child and the birth parents.

There is also the fact that the adopted may later seek the identity of his or her birth parents or clients may have to deal with media exposure. Fortunately, our firm has a great deal of experience handling these complex issues. This experience and our compassion and skill allow us to guide you through the process so that you and your family can have a happy life together.

Contact A Southern Minnesota Adoption Attorney

Adoption is a life changing event, but it is a very positive one for you and the child. If you want to adopt a child, Birkholz Law, LLC can help you do just that. The process will be carried out correctly so you know that the adoption is legal and sound. To learn more about how you can adopt a child, call Birkholz Law, LLC at the Mankato office at 507-387-2100, the St. James office at 507-375-3374, or the Westbrook office at 507-274-6501