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Southern Minnesota Appeals Lawyer

appealsBirkholz Law, LLC has extensive experience in the area of family law, representing clients in some of the most complex divorces and other family legal matters. If the conclusion in your family legal matter was not what you expected or not what you needed, you can appeal the decision through an experienced Mankato appeals attorney.

Making Important Legal Decisions

When going through your divorce or other matter, you carefully make decisions so you can have the best possible outcome. Appealing is also an important decision in that it can turn around something that you did not initially agree with. For instance, you may need a decision reversed regarding child custody and visitation. It is also possible to have a spousal maintenance decision reversed.

Because it is possible to appeal a decision, having a second opinion can be a wise move to make. This gives the opportunity for our office to review your case and tell you what can be done to work toward the reversal of a decision. If your case was one where you and your former spouse could not agree on anything and the court had to make a decision for you, you are a candidate for an appeal. There are also methods to modify some of the agreements, such as custody modifications or modifications to spousal maintenance. You have a lot of important legal decisions to make, so we will give you the tools and knowledge to make them.

In-Depth Research Working For You

When you contact Birkholz Law, you can expect a great deal of research to go into your case to see what needs to be done to push for a reversal of an initial decision. There are many times when what the judge does not make a fair decision. While judges are very good at what they do, there may be facts or details that were not initially shown to the judge or the facts were misinterpreted. There is plenty of room for error in the process, which is why the appeals process exists and it is your right to use it so you can receive a better outcome. Your Southern Minnesota appeals lawyer will advocate for you every step of the way so the odds of receiving the outcome you initially sought are increased significantly.

Contact A Mankato Appeals Lawyer

If a decision that has been made for you in family court is not what you desired, you do have the right to appeal. This can result in a much more satisfactory conclusion for you, making the results of the matter much easier. To see about filing an appeal in order to have a decision overturned, call Birkholz Law, LLC at the Mankato office at 507-387-2100, the St. James office at 507-375-3375, or the Westbrook office at 507-274-6501 for a free consultation.