Divorce Proceedings

Mankato Divorce Proceedings Attorney

Young Family Riding Bikes In ParkDivorce proceedings differ based on the type of divorce. If the divorce is a contested one, it may have to go to trial unless a divorce settlement is reached beforehand. If the divorce is uncontested, then the proceedings are much easier and the process typically moves a little faster. A joint divorce can also move faster because the petition is filed jointly and the couple may decide to use the same attorney. In a default divorce, one party simply decides not to respond and that means the filer gets everything they want. Lastly, a collaborative divorce can also move quickly because of the fact there may be no or few factors disagreed upon. The entire process can be a negotiation between the parties.

No matter the type of divorce, each has a different process. If you wish to file for a divorce or your spouse has filed against you, you need a Southern Minnesota divorce proceedings attorney by your side every step of the way. The Birkholz Law Office, LLC has the experience you require to make sure the process moves as quickly and smoothly as possible.

Fees Associated With Divorce

One of the aspects that couples look at when it comes to divorce is the cost. There are different fees that are associated with the process. First, there are the court fees. These can vary based on the type of divorce. If you opt for legal separation before divorce, the legal separation is going to cost about the same as the divorce. If the divorce makes its way to trial, then it is going to cost more than one that doesn’t. The same applies to attorney fees, as the fees are based on the amount of work that the attorney does. There are also “service of process” costs and copying costs.

For those that are low income or there is no way the fees can be afforded, there is a “fee waiver” that can be asked for. A form will have to be filled out for this, but this is a way you can curb or eliminate cost so you can move forward with your divorce.

Divorce Proceeding Paperwork

Your Mankato divorce proceedings lawyer will take care of all of the necessary paperwork for you. The divorce is started with the summons and petition. The spouse who was served then files an answer if they disagree with the documents. Motions and court orders are made and then the final divorce decree is created and signed by the judge. This is the document that declares the divorce as final.

As for the number of hearings you will have to go through, it depends on the local court procedures and what issues you and your spouse can and cannot agree upon. Not being able to agree means the case will take longer, but your attorney can help you through all of this.

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Divorce makes for a difficult time because it involves the ending of your family unit. When you got married, you did not expect you would ever get a divorce, but things can and do change. As a result, you may have property that you need divided, child custody issues to work out, and possible spousal support. Whatever the needs are in the divorce, Birkholz Law, LLC will help you. You can call the Mankato office at 507-387-2100, the St. James office at 507-375-3374, or the Westbrook office at 507-274-6501 for a free consultation.