Domestic Abuse No Contact Orders

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Hispanic family eating breakfastDomestic Assault, also known as 5th Degree Assault, typically arises out of disputes between spouses, boyfriends and girlfriends, and individuals that live together. A No Contact order is a document that a Minnesota judge issues that declares it’s a violation of the law if the person named in the order has contact with the person who requested the order. If the order is violated, the consequences are strict.

The contact that is prohibited includes all kind of contact, which means no communication through friends, by phone, through the mail, through family, by email, through social media, via text message, or any other type of communication. With this said, of course physical contact is prohibited. If you have been accused of domestic violence and a no contact order has been issued against you, you have the right to fight it with the help of a Mankato domestic abuse no contact orders attorney. However, you may be someone who has been the victim of domestic violence and that means you need a compassionate and knowledgeable attorney to help you take the steps you need to take to protect yourself.

No Contact Order Law

A judge will issue a domestic abuse no contact order against an individual when there is a domestic abuse criminal proceeding. The judge may issue the order if there is harassment, stalking, or if an order for protection has been violated or a prior no contact order has been violated.

If a person knows they violated a no-contact order, then they are charged with a misdemeanor. A “knowing” violation means that the person knew that the no-contact order existed when they violated it.

If a person violates a no contact order within 10 years of a prior domestic violence offense or similar offense, the charge is a gross misdemeanor.

No Contact Order Penalties

Aside from a misdemeanor or gross misdemeanor, it is possible for a no contact order violation to be classified as a felony. This occurs when the violation occurs within ten years of two previous domestic violence offenses or when a dangerous weapon is used.

Even if you are guilty, it is important to do everything possible to avoid the felony conviction. Your Southern Minnesota domestic abuse no contact lawyer will work hard to have the charges reduced. There are also instances when the charges may be completely dismissed.

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When a person is accused or convicted of domestic abuse, they may be ordered to not make contact with the victim or alleged victim. Any contact can result in arrest and a plethora of issues. If you are the victim of domestic abuse and you need immediate assistance to ensure the abuser is not able to make contact with you, call us as soon as possible. You can reach us at the Mankato office at 507-387-2100, the St. James office at 507-375-3374, or the Westbrook office at 517-274-6501 to schedule a free consultation.