Enforcement of Court Orders

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Family All Together At Christmas DinnerDivorce is an event that is life-changing because you have to separate your life from the life of the person you have been spending it with and planned to spend the rest of your life with. Because divorce changes so much, it can be an emotional process that consists of a lot of stress. In the end, the result is a number of court orders that make sure both parties comply with the terms of the divorce degree. For example, the failure to pay spousal support can result in contempt of court. This can mean penalties that could lead to jail time if the issue is not rectified within a specific amount of time. Other types of court orders include child support orders and ex parte orders.

Court Order Enforcement

When a person violates a court order, someone is hurt in some way. If you are someone who is due alimony or child support payments and you are not receiving them, you can make a motion for contempt of court through your Southern Minnesota enforcement of court orders attorney so the court knows that the other party has failed to follow the order.

It can be difficult for the courts to enforce these orders, so it is up to the individuals to let the court know. For example, a violation of an Order for Protection means a telephone call needs to be made to the police so that the police know the order has been violated. If the police do find that the person is in violation, they can make an arrest. These orders are put in place to make sure obligations are followed through with. If those obligations are not fulfilled, then there are stiff penalties to be paid.

Types Of Court Orders

There are many types of court orders that your Mankato enforcement of court orders lawyer can help you with. Custodial parents are to allow the other parent to have visitation with the child. If that visitation is denied, then the custodial parent can be in contempt. A parent who fails to pay child support is in contempt and so is a former spouse who does not pay child support. Any time enforcement is needed, the matter can become more emotional and stressful, thus having a heavy impact on your life.

Your former spouse could also violate an Order for Protection or an ex parte order, which can result in immediate arrest. This is why it is important for an individual to be extra diligent when understanding the terms of an order or the consequences could be heavy.

Contact A Southern Minnesota Divorce Attorney

When the court hands down a court order, it is expected that those affected will follow it. If someone does not comply with a court order, such as one that mandates child support or spousal support, you can report the violation to your attorney and action can be taken with the court to ensure the person who has violated the court order is made to follow it. If the matter has to do with child support or spousal support, then the payer may be ordered to pay back payments. To learn more about what Birkholz Law, LLC can do for you, call the Mankato office at 507-387-2100, the St. James office at 507-375-3374, or the Westbrook office at 507-274-6501 and schedule your free consultation.